Automatic Watch FAQ

What is an Automatic Self-Wind Watch

Automatic Movement

  • Often referred to as “self-winding”, automatic movements harness energy through the natural motion of the wearer’s wrist. Watches with automatic movements are very popular because the wearer doesn’t have to worry about winding the watch daily to ensure constant operation. As long as the watch is worn regularly, it will maintain power without requiring winding.

How it works

  • An automatic movement works largely the same way that manual movements do, with the addition of a metal weight called a rotor. The rotor is connected to the movement and it can rotate freely. With each movement of the wrist, the rotor spins, transferring energy and automatically winding the mainspring.

Winding Intervals

  • If the watch is worn every day, it will maintain timekeeping functions without winding; but if the watch hasn’t been worn for an extended period of time, it will need a quick wind to garner initial power. A great alternative to hand winding automatic watches is to use a watch winder, which will keep the watch fully wound when it’s not being worn.

Hints and Tips:

  1. Put on your watch and swing your wrist back and forth for approximately 30 seconds to initialize power reserve.
  2. Set the time by pulling out the crown and turning it anti-clockwise
  3. Note that your self-winding mechanical watch may stop overnight or appear to be running slowly.  This does not necessarily indicate a malfunction or defect in the watch. It indicates that there is insufficient wrist action or kinetic energy while wearing the watch
  4. Please wear your watch at least 8 hours a day to maximize power reserve;
  5. If watch is not worn for extended period of time, please rewind by moving your watch back and force for 30 seconds in order to initiate the power process;
  6. It is recommended to repeat steps 2-4 every night before removing your watch for the first week after purchase
  7. Wear your watch daily or every couple of days for keeping accurate time
  8. Please note that shock and vibrations may affect the mechanism
  9. Please remove your watch when doing hard labor or extreme sports

[PLEASE WATCH] - How to use and maintain automatic watch:

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      You can also take it to a local watch shop or store like Macy's or Walmart for extra help.

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